At Grata DMC relationships are key determinants of the success and as the team members are truly the heart of any organization, we further believe in the ultimate power of team-buildings. These values were highly appreciated and therefore, Grata DMC has been granted with the exclusive right to operate Catalyst Global Limited, which is now the largest Team Building Network in the world with a portfolio of 140 proven programs.

Catalyst team-building activities are award winning: they have set the industry standard for innovation, excellence in design and delivery, as well as, relevance to the current business environment. Our research shows that companies worldwide are seeking ways to increase employee engagement and motivation. They acknowledge that staff need to adopt well-being strategies and have daily timeout to be mindful and de-stress. To be successful they must enhance fundamental teamwork skills like communication, collaboration and creative thinking.

From our various team-building programs, you can definitely find suitable program for your company aims be it held in a specially designed environment or remote, virtual experience. Our professional facilitators will insure to achieve your goals and as a result establish the teams that live your values, give back to the community and brighten up your brand image.
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