Incentive Trips

What can make your company’s top performers say “what an year we had” if not an unforgettable incentive trip, that promises to recognize winning performance, promote corporate culture and values, honor the participants and provide unique rewarding experiences. Grata DMC agrees with you that travel incentives can provide a huge morale boost after a stressful work period and is an increasingly popular gift in the corporations, which renews the vigor of employees.

At Grata DMC we have over 8 years of experience as an incentive programs planner with the results that only translate into success. We are well aware of wide variety of the benefits to provide to your staff with incentive travel trips, anything from creating a memorable experience to increasing staff loyalty and meeting your business goals.

The corporate / incentive trips to Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan can be expanded further by a varied cultural program that will include lunches and dinners at the exceptional and unique, authentic restaurants, enjoying the shows of national dance and music programs personally held for the guests, interactive and dynamic sightseeing tours exploring the hidden gems of regions, cooking classes with experienced and famous chefs, premium wine tasting and many more surprises.

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