Why Georgia?
At the merge of Europe and Asia, between the breathtaking mountains of Caucasus and the spectacular Black Sea lays the country of Georgia, mysterious and fascinating travel destination recently emerged on the international tourist map. A destination that surprises and delights all sorts of tastes, be it young, free-spirited mind, history geek, business enthusiast or culture explorer – Georgia has it all with unique culture, ancient history dating back to many years BC, delicious cuisine and hospitable, warmest people in Caucasus.
Diverse and Unique History
Georgian culture evolved over thousands of years from its foundations in the Iberian and Colchian civilizations, which enjoyed a renaissance and golden age of classical literature, arts, philosophy, architecture and science in the 11th century. The country is proud of the unique Georgian alphabet introduced in 5th century BC and spoken Georgian like no other language you are likely to hear. It belongs to its own ancient linguistic group unlike any other language spoken outside the region.

Mesmerizing Landscapes
Blessed by the nature, Georgia represents one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet, with 12 different climate zones, anything from subtropical to alpine to semi-desert. There are over 100 resorts varying in the climate and landscapes, be it for sunbathing, alpine climbing or skiing. These resorts include more than 2000 mineral springs, over 12 000 historical and cultural monuments (several of them recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites), rapidly developing infrastructure, high quality of service and constantly increasing number of international hotel brands.

Hotspot for Creative Ingenuity – Tbilisi
With a fascinating old town, Sulphur bath houses, distinctive carved wooden balconies and blend of modernism and antiquity, Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi has been known for long among the travel enthusiasts. The city is full of exceptional museums, galleries, artsy and cozy cafes and vibrant street art, making it one of the most colorful cities of the region. 21st century made it become the most desired destination for nightlife fans after Berlin, with weekends especially loud and performances of both local and international notables.
2019 “Cuisine of the Year” Award Winner
Leaving aside the fun and sightseeing that the country offers, one cannot just speak about Georgia without being thrilled by local cuisine. Georgian cuisine and wine have evolved through the centuries, adapting traditions in each era and resulting in most diverse menu one can ever dream of. Get to know one of the most unusual traditions of dining - supra (Georgian table) which is also a way of socializing and try harmonious wheel of authentic pastry, salads, all kinds of meats, walnuts and endemic fruits and veggies.

The Homeland of Wine Culture
As Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, it is a hot destination for wine lovers, as well with local history of wine beginning from 6000 BC. It is not an exception and as everything else in Georgia, wines are surprisingly diverse, too - classified as sweet, semi-sweet, dry, semi-dry, fortified and sparkling. In this small country, there are more than 540 endemic varieties of grapes known. Therefore, the locals can enjoy their privileges and abundant wine resources and can celebrate every festival and national holiday with wine.

Folk Music that Golden Records Sent in Space
Georgia claims a rich, vibrant, style of traditional music arguably considered the earliest polyphonic traditions of the Christian world. With 16 different regional styles of Georgian folk music, categorized as either Eastern or Western Georgian music, all of them are predominantly vocal, distinguished by its rich vocal polyphony, deeply rooted in the acapella tradition. Georgian folk singing is a community affair, particularly whenever people are gathered, like at supra, where songs and toasts to God, peace, motherland, long life, love, friendship are central to the celebrations.

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